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From The Desk of Paul Lynch,
Creator of Easy Sketch Pro - (which has brought the innovation of fast and easy doodle videos to over 65,000 happy customers!)
  •  Before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if one is available (Source: Single Grain)
  •  Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text (Source: WireBuzz)
Forbes, your customers, your colleagues and even YOU...

You'd all rather be watching a video than reading this text.

So I'll keep it real brief. 

And then I'll give you something AWESOME to watch...

The truth is...
  •  One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Source: Forrester Research)
  •  One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Source: Forrester Research)
So no wonder we're all using video marketing. And we're not just following the trend. We're looking after our businesses. 

So well done us.

  •  Brands that use video marketing, grow their year-over-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don't (Source: Wirebuzz)
  •  Brands that use video marketing, grow their year-over-year revenue 49% faster than brands that don't (Source: Wirebuzz)
And the great news is it shows absolutely no sign of slowing down. 

In fact it's predicted, that by 2020 online videos will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic (85% in the US)

But here's where the bad news kicks in:
The Market Is Starting To Hit Saturation Point
And it's becoming harder and harder for you to stand out.

With over 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every single hour...

With over 100 million videos and photos uploaded to Instagram every single day...

And every other Facebook post being a video...

The need for your video marketing to:
  •  Stand Out
  •  Make An Impact
  •  And Get Noticed
  •  Stand Out
  •  Make An Impact
  •  And Get Noticed
Has NEVER been greater.
    If You Don't Stand Out...
    You Get Left Behind. SIMPLE!
    In fact, in just 1 year, Facebook video posts INCREASED by a whopping 94%.
    So you HAVE to stand out. 
    Your Customers Get 'Scroll Blindness'
    Endlessly scrolling through Facebook. Instagram & Twitter...

    Waiting for something to 'catch their eye'.

    You HAVE to catch their eye. 

    You HAVE to standout in their newsfeed to survive.

    It's pointless wasting your precious time creating video content if it's not going to get seen. 
    It's Not That Your Content Is Bad -
    It's Just That You're Not Standing Out!
    So when you're not getting the results you want from your Facebook video ads, your video posts, your Instagram posts or video tweets...

    It's not that your visitors aren't enjoying your content - 

    They are just not seeing it. 
    So It's Time To Finally Stand Out & Be Seen.
    To Get The Results You Want.
    You Can Go From This...
    To Posts Like This...
    Because More Eyeballs Mean More Traffic To Your Sites...
    It's Time For You To Stand Out With Some of The Best Marketers On The Planet.
    Marketers that are using the same magic video trick that is making ALL the difference to their engagement.

    And these are't just any marketers...

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    They know how to stand out.

    They know how to be different.

    And they're using this one magic technique to absolutely KILL it on social media. 

    And if it's good enough for the some of the BIGGEST internet marketers and social media influencers on the planet...

    You know YOU need to be using it too!
    Create Your Eye Popping, Engagement Exploding, Wrapped Videos In Less Than 3 Minutes - And In Just 5 Easy Steps
    Step #1: Choose Your Template: (or Make Your Own)
    Step #2: Insert Your Video
    Step #3: Add Your Text, Images & GIFs
    Step #4: Export
    Step #5: Go Viral!
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    Here's What Others Are Saying About VideoWrappr...
    Watch VideoWrappr Creator Paul Lynch, Show You How To Wrap Your Videos As Little As 2 Mins 36 Seconds:
    So EASY, Even A 12 Year Old Child Can Do It!
    Let's Take A Closer Look At How Quick, Easy & Effective VideoWrappr Is To Use:
    STEP #1 - Create Your Own Template or Choose One From The Template Club (Members Only)
    Your copy of VideoWrappr comes preloaded with over 50 stunning and versatile templates, ready for you to use in an instant!

    Over 50 AWESOME Ready To Go Templates

    Convieniently sorted into the most profitable niches online. 
    Or simply make your own with our easy template creator. 

    Where you simply choose your style of video from 3 engagement boosting options:
    •  Header Wrap
    •  Footer Wrap
    •  Header & Footer Wrap
    VideoWrappr automatically & convieniently optimises your wrap to the perfect dimension for your choice. 
    STEP #2 - Insert Your Video
    Choose any video you like:
    • ANY Length
    • No Time Restrictions
    • Your Only Limited By Your Imagination
    Create stunning Video Wraps like the ones below...
    STEP #3 - Add Your Text, Images & Gifs
    Choose your Text Style, Size & Color.
    •  Choose From 15+ Fantastic Fonts
    •  Choose From a Limitless Spectrum of Colors
    •  Choose Your Perfect Font Size
    •  Choose From 15+ Awesome Animation Styles
    Add Any Images & GIFs To Your Videos For Maximum Attention:
    •  Add Your Logo
    •  Add Your Branding
    •  or Any Stock Image At All
    •  Or Moving, Animated GIFs to Catch Even More Eyes
    STEP #4 - Export
    This one doesn't even need it's own step really - as it's as simple as 1 click and you're done.

    So simple to create stunning wraps like the ones below...
    STEP #5 - GO VIRAL!!!
    VideoWrappr Will...
    •  ...Make You Stand Out
    •  ...VideoWrappr Will Boost Your Engagement
    •  ...VideoWrappr Will Make Sure Your Video Marketing Doesn't Go To Waste
    SECRET STEP - The Secret Sauce To Get More Views
    Ah ha! Yes, that secret extra step that VideoWrappr does that is going to get your video seen by 80% MORE people...
    FACT: 80% of people watch a video on social media without turning on the sound. 85% on Facebook!
    •  85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound (Source: DigiDay)
    SO VideoWrappr Is Going To Help You Yo Quickly & Easily Add An Effect To Your Videos That Is Going To Capture You Up To 85% More Viewers...
    It’s as simple as selecting the bits of your video you want to add subtitles too - and typing in your text.

    (Remember, your viral videos are going to be less than 1 minute long so this will take you no time at all!)

    Or if you have a spare $1 - Simply visit Rev.COM and get them to send you a SRT caption file - ready to instantly upload into VideoWrappr. (Yep - it costs just $1!)
    Use Your Wrappred Videos To Gain Massive Attention & 10X Your Engagements On Your:
    •  Facebook Ads
    • Facebook Posts
    • Instagram Posts
    •  Twitter Posts
    •  Facebook Page Posts
    •  To Sell Products
    •  To Promote Your Events
    •  To Promote Affiliate Offers
    Improve Your ROI Across Every Video Ad You Run: 💸
    Now you're using VideoWrappr your video ads are getting so much more attention, your click-through rates have gone through the roof. 

    Niches which seemed far too expensive before, have opened up, giving you a whole new range of opportunities...

    And that means more ways to profit. 
    Amplify Your Engagement 👍
    Wrapped Videos are proven to skyrocket engagement.

    Video Wraps simply make more people, see more of your videos, more of the time...

    As well as people watch more, stick around and buy more.

    Making your brand and your marketing campaign much more memorable. 


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    So all you need to worry about is creating awesome, attention-grabbing wrapped videos, and raking in the profits. 
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    There's A Reason This Gig Doesn't Exist on Fiverr.

    They're EXPENSIVE To Make.
    My team of expert designers have spent months creating the elements for you to make your perfect, attention grabbing Video Wraps.

    You can of course try to make them yourself, but unless you have a team of designers like some of the top marketers have...

    I wouldn't recommend it.

    Because it will cost you a fortune.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    How Many Wrapped Videos Can I Make With VideoWrappr?
    The LITE version of VideoWrappr allows you to make 50 Wraps per month. But you can have UNLIMITED wraps with the FULL version of VideoWrappr. Make as many as you like. Set your creativity FREE and make your marketing STAND OUT!
    How Long Can My Videos Be?
    Any length you like! But there is a maximum file size limit of 50MB per video upload. (Remember VideoWrappr is designed to be used for short cool, eye catching viral videos.)

    Is There A Money Back Guarantee?
    Your purchase is protected by a full, no—questions asked 14 day guarantee: If VideoWrappr doesn’t save you time and money, then we don’t want your money! Just give the VideoWrappr a try for an entire 14 days, and if you decide it’s not for you, we’ll happily give you ALL your money back. 
    In Less Than 3 Minutes You Could Be Making Amazing Wraps Just Like These & Standing Out From The Crowd With Your Videos!
    P.S: You've already seen how VideoWrappr is going to make your videos POP and stand out in ANY newsfeed - amongst the noise of an overwhelming amount of videos. VideoWrappr enables you to create eye catching, attention-grabbing videos with animated wraps, just like the pros. If it's good enough for some of the biggest internet marketers around...don't you think it's time you clicked below and followed suit:
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    •  Limited To 50 Video Wraps Per Month
    VideoWrappr FULL ONLY
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    How Long Can My Videos Be?
    Any length you like! But there is a maximum file size limit of 50MB per video upload. (Remember VideoWrappr is designed to be used for short cool, eye catching viral videos.)
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